The triple-pane table was invented July 7, 2010 by Masterpiece Window founder, Joel Debus in his backyard. The triple-pane tabletop itself is a completely new design, and is now patented in the United States, China and the European Union.

Triple-pane tabletops are new. The process of triple paning windows is not new by any means. Companies have been triple paning stained glass windows for the home industry for 30 some years.

With our new tabletop application we temper the top and bottom pieces of glass that protect the stained glass in between, making it extremely tough and durable. We can vary the thickness of the tempered glass to make it almost unbreakable if that is something that is required.

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We use TruSeal Technologies Inc. butyl to bond all three panes of glass together, which makes them not only water tight, but also air tight and they become a fully insulated, energy efficient tabletop, with a U rating of .30. Not that tabletops need to be energy efficient, but that's the technology that bonds all three panes together. The durable tempered glass surface makes a smooth tabletop that is easy to clean, and is sealed from condensation in all weather conditions.
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